Friday, May 12, 2017

Workplace Solutions that work for everyone


As an employer or supporting professional, you naturally want to do all you can to resolve your workplace issues, claims or productivity concerns in a timely, cost-effective fashion. The good news is we are here to help!
We offer a range of services to help you address concerns in the workplace, not currently addressed by vocational rehab, EAP, or disability programs. Our experienced consultants can provide you or your workers with the information necessary to put your concerns to rest.
JOB READINESS TRAINING is an inexpensive and interactive job readiness guide along with a 4-week job readiness training program. Through this program, an injured worker who cannot return to work learns how to search for and apply to jobs, build a resume and cover letter, and learn interviewing skills to give them the knowledge they need to return to work after an injury or disability.
LABOR MARKET SNAPSHOT can be used to aid in settlement and may allow you to close your files without formal vocational involvement. This service can be used in conjunction with Job Readiness training to document the employer’s interest in returning the worker to the workforce.
TRANSITIONAL EMPLOYMENT provides assistance in planning for a return to work after an injury or disability (or other absence).  This customized program will achieve a safe and successful return to work.
CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS DEBRIEFING: It seems that “Critical Incidents” are becoming more and more common, even in industries where there isn’t much-perceived risk involved. Naturally, employers may not be trained to help themselves or their employees when a catastrophic event happens at work or to a well-regarded employee.
SYSTEMATIC DESENSITIZATION can be requested when we are not the first called at the time of trauma, and it may be days, weeks, or months later when employers recognize that an employee is ailing. Our staff can intercede briefly to identify and remove obstacles that are interfering with productivity.
ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENTS keep workers where they should be - at work and being productive! Can also be useful tools in new hiring and with workers returning to the workplace following injury/illness.
ADA ASSESSMENTS help ensure the employer is doing everything possible to maintain compliance.
Tapping into these resources will further demonstrate the employer’s commitment and foresight of addressing concerns proactively and mitigating or avoiding claims. We work cooperatively with other companies, and work with the adjuster, assigned nurse case manager or vocational counselor to make sure they have the tools and resources needed to resolve their cases quickly. PROS is always available to assist you in any way possible.

Need help on a claim covered by a national carrier? No problem! We can tap into our network of trained consultants and are affiliated with national and regional vocational service providers. Still not sure if we can help? - just email or call to talk about it. Or, if you prefer, let's meet in person.

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