Monday, March 30, 2020

Coronavirus job search tips

It may seem a challenge to conduct a job search during this difficult time, but it isn’t impossible! Here are a few things you can do:

 1.    Contact all staffing agencies in your area to register/make sure you are registered and note the types of positions they hire for so you know how frequently to follow up (weekly). Many are busier
than normal and offering different kinds of jobs than normal as employers have different needs today than even last week!

2.   Practice interviewing - here are a few helpful links.

3.   Continue job search – it will show your perseverance and desire to work.

4.   Continue to follow up on previously applied to jobs by phone and email on prior applications for the same reason – the employers will open back up and need to hire at some point!

5.   Network! Make that list of 200 people you know and reach out to them. Let them know you are looking for work after checking in on them and catching up on their lives.
6.   Consider working in one of the COVID 19 in-demand jobs related to the food, medical, or drug industries.
7.   Take aptitude/interest tests online to open up ideas for different jobs you could consider than the ones you are currently looking for.

       Aptitude and Interest Tests

8.   Revamp your resume and cover letter.

9.   Fluff your online presence and be active on social media - start a blog!

10.  Work on computer/other skills with online resources for an hour a day - all are free!

Job Search:

Computer Basics: or

General Mind/Brain:

Keyboarding: OR

Microsoft Office:  OR http://office.mi`

Another article on making career changes:

Good luck!

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