Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maryland Joint Task Force ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017

Maryland Joint Task Force & Chesapeake Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector

ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017                                                      

Sponsored by:
International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
& Coppin State University
 The College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

At Coppin State University Talon Center 
June 6, 2017
8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Description:  Medical Breakthroughs in Treatment and Technology have allowed us to offer more treatment options to medical patients and options for our clients than ever before.  What are the benefits and drawbacks of parties employing the latest in treatment practices?  What are the challenges?  How do we improve the way we educate ourselves, the injured workers, employers, and adjusters? What about controversial treatments such as medical marijuana, Opioids, and Botox?  Employer, industry standards, client, and individual proclivities may impact our ability to focus on the Injured Worker and ensure they are returned to functional, working life.  Are we keeping up? How can we learn from each other? Other industries?  What makes sense?  We hope you will help answer some of these questions and more.

CCM l CRC l CDMS l Mandatory MD WCC CEUs Provided. Request Documentation for POST APPROVAL for other Certifications from Mary Sherwood Sevinsky.

Practical information that is essential for Claims Adjustors, Nurse Case Managers, Vocational Counselors, Attorneys, Doctors, Therapists and anyone working with injured workers in the State of Maryland.

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