Friday, April 12, 2013

Job Search for the Rest of Us!: #FF #Follow Up #Friday April 12, 2013

Here are some great career related articles shared by some of my esteemed colleagues this past week...

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Why are Career Professionals STILL making these FOOLISH Mistakes in Today's Job market?
A bona-fide TCE Career Pull-up Post: I've just created a new TCE math formula for winning a great career opportunity! Here it is -- getting hired is 80% (Engagement/Hu

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3 Steps To Landing Your Public Relations Dream Job
Public relations is a growing industry that can offer a rewarding career--how can you tap into it? Here are three steps to land the PR job of your dreams.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Many job seekers fear follow up.  Others just get stymied by the methods some employers use to block applicants from wreaking havoc on their workdays.  The hiring process is difficult for employers too!  They are running a business and performing their own duties.  In addition, now they are reviewing hundreds of resumes and fielding just as many calls.
If an employer says no phone calls, though, that may just mean he or she doesn't prefer phone contact. Certainly it
means they do not want every applicant to call and follow up on their resume submission.  As an applicant, you may need to get creative to ensure your application has reached the right person and to glean the information you need to secure an interview!
No phone calls does NOT mean no emails, faxes, or mail.  A postcard to a bus manager means they don't even have to open an envelope to read your message.  If an ad does not say no phone calls, you may still have difficulty determining who the hiring manager is, when interviews will begin, and how best to impress the employer. 

A receptionist or automated phone system may be "employed" (pardon the pun!) to keep you and your follow up efforts at bay.
To overcome... Read More:  Job Search for the Rest of Us!: BE PERSISTENT IN YOUR JOB SEARCH FOLLOW UP

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