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We are very excited to welcome new sponsor, FlipYours Fitness &Wellness and look forward to hearing from her at our FREE WEBINAR 9/9/20 11 am TOPIC: WHOLE-ISTIC HEALTH.

We are all feeling the effects of COVID and having all our conferences and personal vacations and trips canceled. Many of us have been unable to see even loved ones! So, we thought we would include a 15 minute session before and after the program to give anyone who would like an opportunity to catch up, just as we normally would before and between sessions! Only via Zoom, of course!  Feel free to have your video and sound on when you enter, but PLEASE mute yourself when the program starts.

As I was working on the marketing material for the is chat opportunity I began to think of it as a lounge and that led me to look for appropriate videos/pictures to include here. I found this one especially amusing - enjoy and see you 9/9!

 NEW: Hangout in our chat lounge with video and audio 15 minutes before and after the program!


Also Sponsored by:

Maryland Joint Task Force for Injured Workers and the

International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals - Chesapeake


Cari is a nationally accredited certified personal trainer and nationally accredited certified health coach practicing a holistic approach to client behavior change and physical fitness. She holds a prestigious credential of certified sports nutritionist in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Also, she is a certified functional strength coach and certified corrective exercise specialist. She owns and operates a lifestyle coaching and personal training studio, Flip Yours Fitness & Wellness, and a wellness lifestyle retail store and mediation room, Change Space Meditation Room & Wellness Lifestyle Supply, both in Westminster, Maryland.

We are sick. And getting sicker. Prior to this coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic we faced was that of exponentially increasing incidences of metabolic syndrome. Amidst COVID-19 and after it, our metabolic scourge needs a cure. But wait, we already have the answers. So what are we missing?

This webinar will review an approach to general wellness based on eight interdependent pillars of wellness viewed through a lens of personal accountability and enacted in micro -steps with lesser-known and alternative interventions.

NEW: Hangout in our chat lounge with video and audio 15 minutes before and after the program!




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After participating in this webinar, attendees should have an increased competency to:

1.    List the eight interdependent dimensions of wellness

2.  Identify the statistical scope of the foothold that metabolic syndrome has on the U.S. adult population

3.   Summarize the concept of habit, review the six stages of behavior change, and explain habit loops

4.   Distinguish the physiological interconnection among key negative general population habits as they work against overall wellness

5.  Restate vital, research-based health insights on nutrition, exercise, stress, and interpersonal connection

6.    Examine the continuum of personal health with an Eastern micro change-based mindset

7.    Implement small lifestyle interventions to enhance their own personal wellness progression

8.    Recommend these practices to patients and clients

cari@flipyourdog.com | 410.259.8176

www.flipyourdog.com | Facebook @flipyours  Instagram @flipyoursfit

www.changespacecommunity.com | Facebook & Instagram @changespacecommunity

EMAIL Mary@Life-works.Info to register. 

NEW: Hangout in our chat lounge with video and audio 15 minutes before and after the program!

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