Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Managing Stress and Anxiety sponsored by Rehab at Work

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TOPIC: Managing Stress and Anxiety


Presented by:

Maryland Joint Task Force for Injured Workers and the

International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals - Chesapeake

“Managing Stress and Anxiety” Identifying the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms of stress, consequences of unmanaged stress, negative coping strategies to discontinue, introducing positive coping strategies for personal and work use.

We can experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis especially at work and home. 

Stressful situations can be unavoidable.

2020 has certainly led to an unprecedented amount of situations that could trigger stress and anxiety.

Unmanaged stress and anxiety can be a life wrecker.

Keys To Successful Stress and Anxiety Management:

       Recognizing symptoms

       Taking action over what we have control over

Mark Karolkowski, Occcupational Therapist at both University of Maryland Medical Center and Rehab at Work

 Darla J. Croce, Director of Business Development, REHAB AT WORK l Corporate

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NEW: Hangout in our chat lounge with video and audio 15 minutes before and after the program!

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