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FREE Webinar Feb 10th at 11 am: Innovations in Spine Surgery, Dr. Victor Du, MedStar

Maryland JTF and IARP – Chesapeake are pleased to present our second in the series of three Webinars for 2021. Save the dates for additional webinars are below. By popular request Carlos with CAM Physical therapy will re-present his Understanding Shoulder PT Webinar in April.  

This month Dr. Victor Du, Medstar,  will present Innovations in Spine Surgery. 

About Dr. Du

Victor Du, MD, practices at The Center of Neurosurgery at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. Dr. Du specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain and spine, with a particular focus on spinal surgery emphasizing evidence-based biomechanical principles and patient selection. He deploys diverse techniques such as minimally invasive surgery and complex spinal instrumentation in order to optimize treatments for the entire breadth of spinal disorders, including arthritic degeneration, deformity, trauma, and cancer. In addition he treats cranial pathologies including benign and malignant brain tumors, Chiari malformation, craniocervical instability, and hematomas.

Dr. Du earned his medical degree at Albany Medical College, and completed his residency in neurological surgery at the Northwell Health system in Long Island, NY. Dr. Du also completed a complex spine surgery fellowship at the Northwell Health system, where he developed special interests in the treatment of spinal deformity, spinal oncology, and tethered cord syndrome.

He has published on topics in cranial and spinal surgery, contributing articles and abstracts to a number of professional journals and conferences. More about Medstar Health: 

Learning Objectives include: 

  1. Spine biomechanics
  2. Spine pathologies
  3. Indications for Non-surgical treatment
  4. Indications for surgery
  5. Surgical techniques and technologies

To Register: Email Mary Sherwood Sevinsky:

Happy 2021 from Maryland JTF  and IARP – Chesapeake!

We are thrilled to announce the
next in the series of three 


Webinars for early this year, please mark your calendars to 


Mar 10th Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Dr. Jeng & Dr. Campbell, Mercy Hospital

Apr 14th  Understanding Shoulder PT

Carlos Martinez, CAM PT



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